Former president of Moldova Vladimir Voronin, could be deprived of parliamentary immunity

Today, on the 23th of September the Interim President of Moldova Mihai Ghimpu read at the plenary Parliament session the General Prosecutor approach on depriving Vladimir Voronin (the head of the communist party from Moldova) of parliamentary immunity.

According to the request, on September 18, prosecutors began criminal proceedings against Vladimir Voronin for his role in quelling street riots last year that left at least one protester dead and the buildings of Parliament and Presidency devastated.

According to Mihai Ghimpu this issue will be examined at the next legislative session, on Friday.

Meanwhile, a group of young people started a campaign on facebook. The aim of the campaign is to determine the leaders of the Alliance for European Integration to withdraw Voronin’s parliamentary immunity, in order to call him to criminal liability for the committed crimes.

The supporters post different funny photos of Voronin and call for young people not to be careless.