5 reasons to choose vaping eliquids instead of smoking

The Royal College of Physicians and Public Health England are saying that smokers should be reassured that vaping is much less harmful than smoking and they encourage everyone to choose vaping eliquids instead of tabacco cigarettes. More than this, vaping eliquids can also be a very tasteful habbit because of all the delicious flavors you can choose from.
  1. Vaping eliquids from e-cigarettes is not a “gateway” to smoking, because you can choose the amount of nicotine in the product you use. FreeSmoke UK Vape Shop gives you a large variety of flavors and tastes of eliquids, with 0 mg up to 6 mg nicotine strength you can choose from.
  2. British Charities such as British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research UK agree that vaping eliquids can save lives. They say that more than 70% of British smokers should try to use e-cigarettes to quit smoking for good. Further than 720.000 people have manged to quit cigarettes after using e-cigarettes, then they quit e-cigarettes as well, because vaping isn’t just swapping one addiction for another. Smoking rates have started to fall faster since e-cigarettes than at any other point in the last ten years, because of the popularity of this technology. 
  3. It’s safe for your children! Because of its ingredients, the smoke of eliquid is not dangerous for the non-smokers around you, such it is the smoke of tabacco cigarettes. Also, the eliquid is bottled in a glass bottle with childproof cap, so you don’t have to worry if you forgot it on the table, because your kid won’t be able to open it.
  4. You can choose between tons of flavors on your taste. Not only the smoke, but the taste can be delicious too. You can choose between many natural flavors and extracts such as peach or strawberry for a delicious sensation. Also you can mix them up as you wish, trying a new combination everytime, such as strawberry and vanilla, or cherries and mint. If you’re not so into mixing, you can choose already mixed premium eliquid flavours on FreeSmoke.co.uk. There you can find mind-blowing mixes such as milk with cocoa, peanuts butter and biscuits, wich will make you remember the childhood with all it’s goodies and delicious flavors. If you’re not so into flavors, you can also choose a clasic tabacco flavor, to get the feeling of smoking a cigarette. 
  5. It’s cheap! A bottle of eliquid can be enough for a month of vaping, instead of a box of cigarettes wich should be enough for couples of days or even less. And the eliquid is cheaper.
Vaping Eliquids can be better than smoking for everyone for this five reasons and for many more!